Friday, January 18, 2013

Turn your rags into riches for Middleboro

Bring all your old clothes, shoes and household linens to the new Bay State Textile trailer next time you go to the Brook Street Landfill.  Bay State Textiles of Pembroke is partnering with the Town of Middleboro to reduce disposal costs, and will be paying the Town $100 for every ton of outgrown sweaters, old painter pants, unwanted stuffed animals, and other household “soft-wear”. 

Sheets, towels, coats, purses, belts, small toys, Bay State Textile wants it all: the good, the bad and the ugly.  They only ask that items be dry and reasonably clean.

 Put your castoffs in plastic bags, so they stay dry during their journey to a second life as refurbished clothing and household linens, wiping cloths, insulation, carpet padding, etc.  

About 800,000 pounds/year of textiles are disposed in Middleboro’s trash each year, at a cost of nearly $11,000/year.  That material could bring in $40,000 in revenue if it’s put in the Bay State Textile container.  With trash disposal costs about to double in 2015, your DPW Director, Andy Bagas, has found a great way to help Middleboro residents reduce their trash volume, save and earn the Town thousands.

Your old clothes, shoes and household linens are too good for the trash! 

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