Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Friends of Middleborough Cemeteries

The Friends of Middleborough Cemeteries (the FoMC) has been cleaning the 400+ headstones of the Veterans of the Civil War buried throughout Middleborough. 

We are currently working at Central Cemetery. The stones that we are now cleaning are large granite monuments. They have slowed our progress considerably! We need many hands to make light work of these monuments! 

There is no skill required for this. We need people who can apply elbow-grease!

We have scheduled work-days for these monuments. If you and a few friends can spare a few hours, you can make an impact and get us back on track!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Meeting House Church

Meeting House Church is located at 3 Nickerson Avenue in Middleboro and has recently merged with Bridgewater Baptist Church and is welcoming new members.

Attending a new church can be an adventure, so we work hard to make sure you feel welcome and enjoy your experience at Meeting House. Wear your favorite shirt and a pair of jeans or slacks and you won’t feel under dressed. If you have questions you can submit them on a communication card, send an email to info@meetinghousechurch.com, call, or set up a time to grab a coffee with one of our pastors and talk about it.

For more information about Meeting House Church, please visit their website by clicking here.